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ice dawg
Oct-05-02, 09:38 AM (PDT)
"New Item"
   I think I mentioned this before but Grivel has a new line of packs avail in the USA. The only one that flips my skirt up is the Manu. I / we have it classified in the climbing inventory, not packs, but anyway, its fairly trick. First is the price, at $39 retail is cost less than any big wall / double sided gear racking we offer. As a bonus, it has a small 1000ci pack that is removable. It is designed to clip onto the other Grivel packs for added ci and then unclip and use it on the steeps. Two side mess pockets for whatever, a hydration system ala Twight, internal pocket with key fobb, one tool loop that will hold two icetools. On the shoulder straps there are 4 quick-access gear loops and plastic D rings for whatever your tech warrants.

The hits are, the gear slings under the arms are short - carrying lots of gear though will not hang as low but....who does - and of a large diameter that makes clipping harder, for me anyway. If you are barrel chested like Mango this will be compounded. I played with the length adj by velcro but didnt see much difference. I would and will cut off the extra, end off the shoulder straps and just use the gear racking with the across chest to hold it all on. It would be nice to have a crampon holder but this little rig is not really a pack but something to carry up a route. You can lash the spikes on if so inclined.

I think it is very trick for the second to carry up day climbs and the lead up 1+ day route. For anything longer only the gear racking can used as it works. A Dolomitti, Exp Mitts and Cliffshots will all fit inside with room to spare, not much and if you want to carry H2O with all this gear it must be the hydro system or a very small 16oz bottle. It would nice if the rap cord would slide in so either half-rope or the lead must drag the rap cord or summer weather.

So, if you got $40 of disposable income I would give this thing a try. Oh, unless your local gear hut has them already, they are in such a high demand that GNA has none avail. There are 300 of them coming in but most are already slotted for preseasons, so.....

Ice Dawg
Obsession + Compulsion = Add<b>ic</b>t<b>e</b>d

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Charter Member
591 posts
Oct-07-02, 11:38 AM (PDT)
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1. "ah yesss..."
In response to message #0
put one back for me, willya?

question: what's the hydro system capacity?

make way for gumby!

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ice dawg
Oct-08-02, 08:57 AM (PDT)
2. "ooops and......"
In response to message #1
   Didnt mean to mis-lead but the Manu does not come with or have its own hydration system. Only the slot and tube hole for one.

The neat trick with these are, if climbing partners each have one, they both can climb with a racking system and the second can climb with the 1000ci pack, lead just the racking system, swapping - velcroing the pack at belays. Even on an 1+ day route, the lead can carry bivy / belay gear and climb lighter while the second can carry a full pack.

We only have / had one left when I left at 5, sold 4 over the weekend but I got 10 more coming when The Machines at Grivel get more.

They sound kind of dumb until you look at it with some thought behind the design and they can be quit trick.

Ice Dawg
Obsession + Compulsion = Addicted

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